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The Two Sides of Bodrum

Bodrum is situated on the south coast of Turkey, and is a popular holiday destination with both Turkish nationals and foreign tourists alike. The city boasts a variety of exciting attractions, including the historical Bodrum castle, and when it comes to winding down, the city has two distinct personalities.

The east half of Bodrum is home to the city’s bustling nightlife. Along the gorgeous beach front you will find a whole host of bars, clubs and restaurants that will cater to a wide range of tastes, whether you want a chilled night or you like to party into the early hours.

Bodrum’s biggest and most famous night spot is the Halikarnas night club. With a capacity for a whopping 4000 people, Halikarnas is based mostly outdoors, and is known for its outrageous foam parties during the height of the holiday season.

Meanwhile, over on the west side of town, you will find the more relaxed side of Bodrum, with the focal point being the Marina and Yacht Club. Here the lifestyle is geared towards those who like to spend their days browsing the local shops for goods such as wine and olive oil, and at night, take a relaxing stroll along the promenade.

As you can tell, Bodrum has everything you need for a relaxing and enjoyable holiday, whether you want to chill out by the marina or party along the beach front. Holiday Mate operates regular holidays in Bodrum, with an impressive portfolio of hotels to choose from. If Bodrum sounds like your perfect holiday destination, then look no further than Holiday Mate.

Things to do in Marmaris Part One

There?s far too much to do on holidays in Turkey for you to ever get bored, and Marmaris is a Turkish holiday resort that is especially teeming with things to see and things to do. It?s unlikely that you?d have a hope of cramming the many sights, sounds and activities into a one or two week holiday, so it?s up to you to decide what you?d like to do to make your Turkey holiday ideal.

After settling into your room at any of the great Marmaris Hotels available, a fun and relaxing way to spend the first day of your Turkey holiday is to go for a walk along the massive Marmaris beach front. The beach extends all the way from Icmeler to the Yacht Marina and is lined with bars, cafes and restaurants, while the beach is filled with sun beds, should you decide to stop, get off your feet and take in the sun, the sand and, of course, the sea.

The 5 Star Marmaris Hotels along the very same beach front, offer more secluded and relaxing beach experiences, so that you can read, nap or enjoy exceptional food, right at the water?s edge.

While some might wish to spend their holidays in Turkey, firmly rooted to the gorgeous and fun-filled beach front, others will prefer to be more active and take their Turkey holiday up a notch. Marmaris is the perfect Turkish holiday resort to do just that, and a number of popular tours are available, including a boat trip, jeep safari, Turkish bath and more. Choose the Marmaris excursion for you and we guarantee fun, enjoyment and the opportunity to meet friendly, like-minded holiday makers and welcoming, fun-loving hosts and locals.