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Top Five Marmaris Attractions

Here, in no particular order, we bring you five of the biggest and best sightseeing attractions in the popular Turkish coastal resort of Marmaris, that we think would make any holiday to Marmaris one to remember.

1. Marmaris Castle and Museum
This castle is steeped in local history, having originally been built by the Ionians in 1044 BC and modified throughout the years, most notably by Alexander the Great. The castle underwent an extensive restoration process and opened as a museum in 1991, housing seven exhibition galleries and providing stunning views across the town.

2. Ancient Ruins of Amos
Dating back to the Hellenistic period, these ruins consist of a hillside amphitheatre, temple and statue pedestals. The ruins are accessible via the Arascik hills, with the local minibus service passing through Amos so you can visit quickly and easily from Marmaris.

3. Cennet Island
A popular destination for cruises to visit, this peninsular island is a 30 minute boat ride from Marmaris, and provides a tremendous day out. The island is lined with scenic forests, and has plenty of restaurants and swimming areas for ultimate relaxation.

4.  Bozburun
This village is particularly popular with Turkish tourists and holiday makers, and is best known locally for its beautiful yacht harbour. Around 50km outside of Marmaris, Bozburun has a peaceful atmosphere and makes an ideal spot for those who need a break from the hustle and bustle of Marmaris.

5. Turgut Waterfall
A 10-metre high waterfall around a 15 minute walk outside the village of Turgut, this stunning waterfall is known locally as Selale, and provides an idyllic, peaceful getaway from the bustling local towns and villages.

Best Holidays in Turkey Part 2

Holidays in Turkey are incredible because they’re actually several holidays and infinite possibilities crammed into one. In fact, Turkey holidays allow you to enjoy the perfect getaway, in one of the amazing Turkish holiday resorts or beyond, no matter what that getaway involves.

From summer fun of beach resorts like Marmaris and Dalaman, to the urban yet culturally diverse city of Istanbul, the ancient ruins of past civilisations and even the thrilling slopes of the Uludag ski resort, no two holidays in Turkey need be the same. But with so many choices and possibilities, where will you go to ensure that your Turkey holiday is perfect for you?

Part two of our Turkey Holidays ‘best of’ countdown, may hold the answer.

-    Kids and teens – The sandy beach of Gumbet is perfect for adventurous kids who want to have fun. Teens can take to the water on a blistering banana boat ride while their younger siblings can enjoy bobbing along on a camel trek at Kargi beach.

-    Babies and toddlers – Nippers will love paddling in the safe, shallow waters of Olu Deniz, while the magical Butterfly Valley is just a short boat ride away and home to hundreds of amazing species including the ultra rare tiger butterfly.

-    Romance – Love birds will love an early morning trip to the peak of Mount Nimrod. Cuddle up in the morning’s chilly air and enjoy the magical colours of sunlight cascading over colossal 2,000 year old stone heads.

-    Activity – Ride the white water of the lightning fast Koprulu River, near Antalya, or ramble through the ruins of the nearby national park. Either way adventure is guaranteed.