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Host Your Ideal Wedding in Turkey

Weddings in Turkey are becoming a more popular choice for couples to host their special day, thanks in no small part to the glorious Mediterranean weather and range of beautiful locations Turkey has to offer. A mere four hour flight from the UK, Turkey is a destination that can cater for all different types of weddings, whether large or small.

But while your ideal weddings in Turkey can be a dream, the planning of said weddings is a whole other story. ?If you book your Turkey weddings from Holiday Mate, we can take care of all of the planning and organisation of your dream wedding for you.

Holiday Mate can offer a range of packages or tailor made Turkey weddings that will suit both your taste and your pocket. Whether you would prefer an intimate civil gathering, a traditional church service in an exotic Turkish venue, or the all out luxury of a chapel wedding in an elite hotel, here at Holiday Mate we work in partnership with experts, who have years of experience in providing the ideal Turkey weddings.

You can choose between our unique tailor made weddings, or opt for a more flexible, upgraded package service. Creating your perfect Turkey Wedding is all part of Holiday Mate?s service, and with our expertise in this area, we can guarantee a five star service whether you choose one of our great package deals or a tailor-made wedding.

Treat yourself and your loved ones to a wedding celebration none of you will ever forget. Weddings in Turkey are the perfect way to celebrate your love for each other, in idyllic surroundings which celebrate life, passion and happiness.

Why not allow Holiday Mate to provide a high end, exclusive wedding event that you?ll cherish for the rest of your life.

Turkish Holiday Resorts Part 2

Continuing our spotlight on some of Turkey?s unique and breathtaking Turkish holiday resorts, we look at three more popular holiday destinations which offer holidaymakers impeccable weather, breathtaking natural beauty, warm, blissful Mediterranean ocean and scorching nightlife.

Read on and you just might discover your next exciting holiday destination in the form of a beloved Turkish holiday resort.


A busy port Turkish resort with the buzz of tourism, Kusadasi is a Turkish town with a European feel. Kusadasi bristles with shops and restaurants, all keen to gain your custom, and a popular market every Wednesday, at which to barter with the locals for a real bargain. With a decent local beach and an even better one nearby, the Kusadasi population explodes come summer time.


A supremely popular Turkish holiday resort for British tourists, Marmaris is a commercialised resort with tons of bars, restaurants and a massive variety of shops; so you can barter for a great price. Some bar or store owners might be rather persistent in trying to get your custom, but you?ll never be short of things to see and do; not places to party. There are loads of trips and excursions to enjoy and frequent boat trips to secluded beaches around the turquoise coast.


An increasingly popular resort, home to an extraordinarily beautiful lagoon, Oludeniz is full of pleasant pebble beaches and a clear lagoon perfect for snorkelling and home to idyllic weddings with stunning views. Oludeniz boasts a wide variety of places to eat and drink but is never too frenetic or wild. Instead, Oludeniz is populated with chilled out bars and a selection of karaoke places. This spotless Turkish holiday resort offers splendid mountain views, and this same topography makes the island a haven for paragliding, watersports and jeep safaris. Many holidaymakers return to Oludeniz again and again.

Turkish Holiday Resorts

Turkish holiday resorts are diverse, but such is the magnificent climate that the country enjoys that each is breathtakingly beautiful, enjoyable and entertaining in its own unique way. Holidays in Turkey are among the most popular in the world thanks to the natural beauty, amazing climate and warm, safe waters of each Turkish resort; what?s more, since the pound is strong against the Turkish Lira, your currency goes much further.

There is a Turkish resort to suit every taste; all just a 3 to 4 hours flight away from Britain. Here, we shine a spotlight on just a small selection.


An historic town of once great power, now a hugely popular tourist destination, you?ll find no shortage of restaurants, shops and nightlife in Bodrum; from quiet tavernas to blazing nightclubs. Bodrum, unlike other Turkish holiday resorts, does not have a beach, but is surrounded by many great beaches in nearby villages and towns. With something for everybody, the Bodrum peninsular is popular with families, couples and party animals; plus there?s plenty for the active holidaymaker and thrill seeker.


A popular, bustling Turkish resort with a relaxed family friendly atmosphere, Hisaronu resides in picturesque Turkish hillside, just 15 minutes from the equally picturesque coastline. There are plenty of restaurants, bars and shops to choose from so you can sit back and relax or hunt for a bargain. The mountainous surroundings offer holidaymakers the relief of a gentle, cooling breeze.


The pretty Turkish resort of Kalkan is famous for white-washed houses, lining the coast. Considered a particularly alluring Turkish holiday resort for romantic couples, Kalkan is relatively undeveloped and not subject to mass tourism. It offers a small pebble beach, and also grants access to the stunning sandy beaches of Kaputas and Patara. A picturesque fishing town, more sophisticated than many.

Top Ten Souvenirs from Holidays in Turkey Part Three

Concluding our rundown of the most popular souvenirs available during Holidays in Turkey, here are four more brilliant souvenir ideas.

7.??? Onyx – There are significant reserves of Onyx located in central Anatolia. Onyx occurs naturally in a variety of beautiful colours, from black and grey to cream and pink, and is used to make a variety of eye-catching Turkey holidays souvenirs. You?ll find attractive pieces such as chess sets, boxes, bowls, ash trays and vases all available at reasonable prices.

8.??? Spices – With spices collected from Turkey, you can add distinctive Turkish taste to meals at home. Since the medieval era, spices have been a vital part of Turkish cuisine, and the city of Istanbul is particularly important as it rests on the point at which the trade routes of East and West meet. During your Turkey holiday you can get your hands on a wide range of dried herbs and exotic spices from markets and stores throughout the country.

9.??? Copper Ornaments – A wide variety of attractive and unique hand beaten copper goods are available throughout Turkey, in the form of plates, bowls, kettles and coffee sets. It was as long ago as the Bronze Age that the inhabitants of Anatolia learned to combine bronze with tin to create an alloy which is used to produce items such as cooking pots and ornamental objects.

10.??? Turkish Delight – Holidays in Turkey would scarcely be complete without purchasing some delicious Turkish delight. Developed by legendary confectioner Haci Bekir, Turkish delight is available in traditional rose and lemon flavoured varieties, but is also available in walnut, pistachio and coconut flavours among many others.

Top Ten Souvenirs from Holidays in Turkey Part Two

Continuing our look at the best souvenirs available during Holidays in Turkey, here?s part two of our Top Ten Souvenirs from Holidays in Turkey. We?ve already discovered that blue eyes, Turkish carpets and leather made the list but what will be next?

4.??? Pottery – Another huge Turkish tradition is pottery making. Fine pottery has been produced in Turkey for centuries, and beautiful and distinctive local clay gives the industry its exceptional features. There are around 300 workshops in the Cappadocia region, and if your Turkey holiday takes you in that direction, you?re free to drop in to any workshop and see them at work. You might even be invited to try your hand at the wheel.

5.??? Jewellery – Turkey has been touched and occupied by so many different civilisations, including the Greeks, Romans and Selcuks, to name just a few. All have left their mark on this beautiful nation, including with a range of breathtaking jewellery styles. Now, holidays in Turkey can grant you access to a jewellery industry reflecting Turkey?s rich cultural heritage as well as innovative modern design and technology. You?re sure to find a piece you?ll love.

6.??? Ceramics – Like pottery, ceramics are a major part of Turkish artistic tradition. Ceramic art has been alive in Turkey since the 11th century, meaning that by the time you take your Turkey holiday, there as many centuries of experience and plenty of chance to find a stunning piece to suit your tastes. Both traditional and modern pieces are produced throughout the country.

Top Ten Souvenirs from Holidays in Turkey Part One

Holidays in Turkey are among the most popular in the world, and if you’re about to enjoy your very own, you might like to pick up some souvenirs; for friends, or family, or simply for yourself. If you’re looking for beautiful souvenirs of your Turkey holiday which are authentically Turkish, choose something from our Top Ten. A little haggling with the merchant could see you get a really great price.

1.    Blue Eye – It is a Turkish tradition that a glass blue eye can ward off evil and ensure good luck and success. You’ll catch many a glimpse of blue eyes hanging in homes and shops, or incorporated into the design of murals and jewellery. Blue eyes come in all shapes and sizes and are perfect Turkey holiday souvenirs as they’re inexpensive but authentic.

2.    Turkish Carpets (Rugs) and Kilims – Turkey is one of the world’s most renowned production centres for beautiful oriental carpets, and have one of the greatest weaving cultures on Earth; which makes a Turkish carpet a fantastic option for souvenirs from holidays in Turkey. Turkish kilims are known for their unique designs and traditional colours made from vegetable and plant dyes.

3.    Leather – You may not have known but Turkey has a passionate tradition for leather and leather working. People of Turkey have worked upon leather for generations and fantastic examples of leather work can be found throughout the country in handbags, purses, belts and clothing. There are fashionable pieces to be found throughout Turkey and are great value when compared with Europe and North America.

Our Northern Cyprus Hotels Offer Year Round Summer Holiday Possibilities

Now that we’re deep into the midst of winter, why not provide yourself a pick-me-up by booking a holiday to Northern Cyprus through Holiday Mate, you’ll be amazed by the Northern Cyprus hotels you’ll have access to; and even more amazed by the incredibly low cost involved.

Northern Cyprus hotels are the perfect home base for your great escape because Cyprus enjoys year round sunshine and summer holiday weather, throughout summer and beyond. This includes sandy beaches, clear blue skies, and glorious sunshine. Northern Cyprus hotels, available from Holiday Mate grant you access to the most idyllic and secluded or exciting and exotic beaches that Northern Cyprus has to offer. However lively or relaxing you’d like your trip you’ll find what you’re looking for in Northern Cyprus; and equally diverse is our range of Northern Cyprus Hotels, with everything from family friendly, lively singles hotels and secluded, luxurious retreats for intimate breaks.

Northern Cyprus is famous for the hospitality of its people and this obviously speaks volumes about the service you’ll receive in Northern Cyprus hotels. Whatever your budget, or needs, you’ll be accommodated by the friendly and helpful staff at each of our top notch resorts.

Best Selling Half Board Holidays to Turkey

Here are four of our most popular half board hotels in varying areas of Turkey that will provide the ideal setting for your relaxing holiday.

Imparator Hotel, Oludeniz
This gorgeous three-star hotel is situated in gorgeous garden surroundings, just a few hundred metres away from the beach and the centre of Oludeniz which is packed with bars, shops and restaurants. A family-owned hotel,  it has a whole host of facilities and entertainment options to keep you all occupied.

Green Anatolia, Ovacik
A sophisticated four-star hotel within walking distance of the popular resort of Hisaronu, the resort is surrounded by gorgeous pine-clad mountains and wonderful gardens. With two swimming pools and an adventure water slide, your little ones (and big ones) will have hours of fun cooling down in the Turkish sun.

Karbel Sun Hotel, Oludeniz
This three-star hotel is a mere 15-minute walk from Oludeniz’s famous Blue Lagoon, and just ten miles from the bustling nightlife of Fethiye. The family-run hotel is renowned in the local area for its beauty, built around a luxurious swimming pool with lush garden surroundings.

Blue Star Hotel, Oludeniz
A small yet friendly hotel, the Blue Star is one of our most popular hotels for its great value accommodation and relaxing atmosphere. Just metres away from the beach and the centre of Oludeniz, you can lounge by the pool, take a walk into the town, or enjoy a drink with friends on the terrace.

Holiday Mate is one of the leading providers of half board holidays to Turkey, so if you are thinking about escaping to Oludeniz or any other area of Turkey for a much needed break, be sure to check out the wonderful deals that we pride ourselves on when it comes to value holidays to Turkey.

Cheap Flights to Turkey Where East Meets West

Cheap flights to Turkey grant you access to innumerable exotic locations within one beautiful Mediterranean country; the gateway between East and West. Holidays in Turkey are in fact several holidays. It only takes four hours to reach there from the UK, but the land you touch down in will seem like a world away.

Turkey boasts all the colour and vigour and flavour of the Middle East, but combines it with the sandy/turquoise holidaying havens of the West. The country has a unique eclecticism both in its natural topography, its current architecture and in the remnants of the many previous civilisations that have left their mark here. This might sound like an extraordinary fusion, and it is; but what’s all the more brilliant is it takes no more than some cheap flights to Turkey to see and experiences all of the architectural, culinary and cultural brilliance that makes each holiday resort in this nation so unique.

It only takes cheap flights to Turkey to provide you with a number of irresistible holiday options, no matter how you like to enjoy your holidays. Whether relaxing by the pool or beach, exploring the natural wonders away from the tourist trail, or pitting yourself against a variety of extreme sports and action packed activities, the perfect holiday is waiting for you in Turkey, no matter what that holiday might be.

There are hundreds of cheap flights to Turkey currently available, which not only depart from every corner of the UK, but also take you to a variety of resorts and areas around Turkey. There has never been a better time to invest a little in some cheap flights to Turkey, and you’re guaranteed to get a lot in return.

Dalaman Overview Turkey Holidays

Holidays in Turkey have it all and are in fact every other kind of Holiday within one Mediterranean country; this is also true of the Dalaman region alone, which crams everything you might be looking for in a Turkey holiday, into one fun, sunny and beautiful region of the country. Dalaman has it all: culture, clubs, innumerable beaches, clear blue ocean, water sports and wildlife.

Trips to the turquoise coast are among the best holidays in Turkey and there is a resorts to suit every taste; from the wild and wonderful party places Marmaris and Hisaronu, to the authentic and historic climes of Fethiye or Atakoy or the idyllic, stunning lagoons and beaches in Olu Deniz, Calis Beach and Icmeler. The entire coast of Dalaman is lined with shingle and sandy beaches, kissed by gorgeous blue ocean. Lively hotels populate the coastal area, while more secluded resorts retreat to the stunning forested hills, inland.

There are so many things to see and do in your Turkey holiday to Dalaman, that you’d never be able to cram it into one trip. Ride the slides of the Marmaris waterparks, trek through the eerie ghost town of Kayakoyu or cruise to the Cleopatra Isle. For preening and pampering choose a traditional Turkish baths or natural thermal pools like Pammukale Falls. Haggle in the bazaars for rugs and other goodies or simply soak up the sun at any dreamy beach location.

You’ll never be short of action and entertainment or just plain enjoyment with a Turkey holiday to Dalaman.